Car Rental Adventures

Hi fellow car fans! It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back in action and hope you enjoy my latest article.

We all hear about car rental screw ups and unhappy experiences from family or friends. But I usually think those disheartening rental mishaps happen to someone else. No, not me. My car rentals for the most part have been routine. Read more

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cars.. It’s My Passion!

Having bought, sold, tore apart, wrecked, repaired, raced, driven, and tested close to a million vehicles, my passion for cars is obvious. I love cars and everything about them. After writing about cars for many years, I decided that doing videos about cars was a natural next step. Rather than reading, you can just sit back and enjoy watching my down-home chats about automobiles and everything related to the automotive world.

I want car lovers and enthusiasts to have one website to visit and learn about everything from new cars to vintage cars to great books about cars. No topic about vehicles is off limits. I’ve created short videos covering a wide range of topics that will hopefully provide you with news and information that make owning and driving cars more exciting and interesting.

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