Car Pet Safety Tips

Introducing the Pet Safety Lady featuring Christina Selter

Be Smart, Ride Safe, Bark Buckle UP the Whole Family
by Bob Kocher

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In prior years, Bark Buckle UP Top Dog Awards were announced with the Chicago Auto Show,, Orange County Auto Show, AskPatty, Orange County Auto Show, New York Auto Show and AutoTrader to announce the winners.

“The Mercedes GLK is barkalicious with all that luxury and big dog stance the male dogs DIG me,” barked Betty who is Bark Buckle UP’s spokes-dog.

Chevy Traverse LTZ (furry dog award)
Dodge Durango (tuff dog award)
Fiat 500 (little dog award)
Infiniti FX35 (show dog award)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (outdoor dog award)
Kia Rio Hatchback (city dog award)
Mazda 5 (multi dog award)
Mercedes GLK SUV (big dog award)
Nissan Murano LE (active dog award)
Volvo XC70 (safety dog award)

Qualities and features in vehicles that make traveling with pets easier and safer include: rear-seats air conditioner vents, top quality rear camera, side airbags and lots of d-rings to tie down extra dog gear.

“When driving 35 mph, a 60-pound unrestrained dog can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds, slamming into a car seat, windshield, or passenger” stated Pet Safety Lady, Christina Selter.

List of winners are in alphabetical order.

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